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Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

Hypertherm Plasma Cutters are award winning and trusted world wide for Plasma Cutting.

Premier Welding is an Approved Hypertherm Plasma Cutter UK Service Centre.

Hypertherm - Shaping Possibility

  1. Hypertherm

    Powermax 30 XP Hand Plasma Cutter (110/230V)

    £2,088.00 £1,740.00
  2. Hypertherm

    Powermax 30 Air Hand Plasma Cutter (110/230V)

    £2,352.00 £1,960.00
  3. Hypertherm

    Powermax 45 XP Hand Plasma Cutter [400V]

    £2,638.80 £2,199.00
  4. Hypertherm

    Powermax 45 XP Hand Plasma Cutter [240V]

    £2,638.80 £2,199.00
  5. Hypertherm

    Powermax 65 SYNC Hand Plasma Cutter (415V)

    £3,888.00 £3,240.00
  6. Hypertherm

    Powermax 85 SYNC Hand Plasma Cutter (415V)

    £5,280.00 £4,400.00
  7. Hypertherm

    Powermax 105 SYNC Hand Plasma Cutter (415V)

    £7,344.00 £6,120.00
  8. Hypertherm

    Powermax 125 Combo Hand Plasma Cutter (415V)

    £8,304.00 £6,920.00
  9. Hypertherm

    Powermax 125 Combo Machine/Hand Plasma Cutter (415V)

    £8,784.00 £7,320.00

Hypertherm Plasma Cutters | Plasma Cutters 

The Hypertherm Powermax range is built for demanding industrial environments, manufactured to cope with heavy duty use and highly portable. Its simple controls are easy to operate making it ideal for even beginners

With a range of 7 Plasma cutters in the Powermax range you will find something to suit your job.

The Hypertherm Powermax 30XP is great for being on the move as it’s highly portable and protected by a hard plastic carry case. Its unique "two in one" design means it can handle thick and thin metal cutting.

The Powermax 30 Air is even more versatile.  A fantastic solution for on-site cutting with a built in compressor, light and compact enough to be moved about whilst still delivering a big performance.

And then we have the newest model to the family, Powermax 45XP, delivers faster cut speeds with the Duramax torch. Avaliable in both single phase or three phase weighing in at just 15KG

The larger Hypertherm plasma cutter range, are well equipped and can be used for plasma gouging, marking, fine cutting and drag cutting.  Autosense™ on the Powermax 65 and Powermax 85 automatically adjusts air delivery to compensate for parameters and even torch length. These machines offer cutting capacities of 32mm, 38mm and 50m.

Top of the range is the Powermax 105, this plasma cutter will deliver a superior cut on 32mm and offers the latest technological innovations and delivering maximum power and perfomance we have the Powermax 125 for thick metal cutting needs

Hypertherm has you covered when it comes to plasma cutting and Premier Welding are more than happy to assist you with your decision.