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Lincoln Electric Welders

Lincoln Electrics Multi-process welders perform stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored, submerged arc, and arc gouging welding processes.

  1. Lincoln Electric

    Invertec 170TX TIG Welder (240V)

    £1,620.74 £1,350.62
  2. Lincoln Electric

    Speedtec 180C Multi Process Welder (240V)

    £1,743.16 £1,452.63
  3. Lincoln Electric

    Speedtec 200C Multi Process Welder (240V)

    £1,874.40 £1,562.00
  4. Lincoln Electric

    Invertec 220TPX TIG Welder (110/240V)

    £2,083.01 £1,735.84
  5. Lincoln Electric

    Speedtec 215C Multi Process Welder (110V/240V)

    £2,191.20 £1,826.00

Lincoln Electric Speedtec Welders & Lincoln Invertec Welding Machines

They are a great choice for Manufacturing, Construction, Fabrication, and Heavy Duty Shop Environments.

Their Speedtec range is compact and robust, its lightweight build means its highly portable and backed with a 2 year warranty