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Lincoln Electric Invertec® 220TPX Ready to Weld Package (110/240V)

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220 TPX
220 TPX

Lincoln Electric Invertec® 220TPX Ready to Weld Package (110/240V)

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At Premier Welding we aim to offer amazing value for top quality products. We have put together a selection of machine’s and accessories in “ready to weld” packages to suit all needs and budgets.


  • Invertec® 170TX 
  • 5m cable and clamp,
  • 4m Tig Torch
  • Lincoln Gas Regulator (0 - 15lpm) 
  • Hose nut & Nipple Set. 
  • 5m cable and clamp,



Made for an industrial environment allowing for heavy use with superb arc characteristics.

The 220TPX is a DC TIG inverter with excellent arc control and Arc Start in all welding environments.

This machine have been designed to not only be used as a TIG welder, but also as a stick welder with a variety of stick electrodes. Designed to be portable and durable making them ideal for both in warehouse or out in the field.

This model has all the features of the base model with the added benefit of Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry that allows TIG welding up to 220A with 16A single phase input voltage.


Advanced technology for an excellent TIG performance.

Easy, user-friendly control panel layout including graphs and numerical displays make it easier for you to all welding specifications.

Robust construction

HF and Lift TIG ignition

Perfect TIG HF starting with pre-settable stating mode

Designed to operate on engine driven generators.

Pulse TIG, 10 Memory channels to personalise your settings.

TIG Spot Welding

PFC (Power Factor Correction) advantages: 30% more output current with the same input current, suitable for 115-230V (+15%-10%) single phase, low current consumption, energy saving, low current harmonics and reduction of the total CO2 produced by the welding process (220TPX).


Technical Specification

Technical Specification

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