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GYS Arc (MMA) Welders

GYS are a French manufacturer thats well known and have a range that covers all skillsets and budgets. 

All GYS ARC Welders come with a 2 year warranty as standard which is honored in their UK service centre. 

  1. GYS

    Gysmi Mma 160P ARC Welder with Leads & Case (240V)

    £258.96 £215.80
  2. GYS

    Gysmi Mma 200P ARC Welder with Case & Leads (240V)

    £346.79 £288.99
  3. GYS

    Bundle PRO 180 A (240V)

    £409.75 £341.46
  4. GYS

    PRO 183E (240V)

    £413.92 £344.93
  5. GYS

    Gysmi Mma E200 Fv ARC Welder with Case & Leads (110/240V)

    £525.19 £437.66
  6. GYS

    Progys 200E FV CEL ARC Welder (240V)

    £746.72 £622.27

GYS Arc Welders | GYS MMA Welding Machines | GYS Stick Welders

GYS Arc welders / MMA Welders are a well built cost effective solution to Stick welding.

They are suitable for most budgets and cover all welding environments. Many Of their MMA welders come with an in-built system that allows generator use as an input power supply, this is particularly useful if your mobile welding.

Most GYS Arc Welders come with Hot Start, Arc force and Anti sticking for an easy welding experience.