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Jasic ARC (MMA) Welders

Jasic is a fairly new brand to the Welding Industry bursting on to the scene in 2011 but that hasn't stopped becoming well known and respected throughout.

Jasic Customer Support is excellent and Premier Welding are proud to be an Approved Distributor of all Jasic Welders.

Jasic-Logo - Premier Welding & Tool Supplies Ltd

  1. Jasic

    Pro Arc 140 ARC Welder (240V)

    £205.80 £171.50
  2. Jasic

    Power Arc 180 SE ARC Welder | 230V

    £316.20 £263.50
  3. Jasic

    Pro Arc 160 PFC ARC Welder (110/230V)

    £369.60 £308.00
  4. Jasic

    Pro Arc 180 PFC ARC Welder (115v - 230v)

    £378.00 £315.00
  5. Jasic

    Power Arc 160 PFC ARC Welder | 115V-230V

    £381.60 £318.00
  6. Jasic

    Pro Arc 200 PFC ARC Welder (110v-240v)

    £398.40 £332.00
  7. Jasic

    Pro Arc 400 ARC Welder (400V)

    £1,785.00 £1,487.50


Jasic have a comprehensive range of ARC Welders at Premier Welding

All of their MMA Welders are generator friendly for maximum versatility. They are cost effective and portable with an outstanding build quality.

Jasic Pro Arc stick welders are equipped with hot start, anti stick and arc force:

Hot start – Assists arc starting of the electrode.  The machine will automatically temporarily increase output current to initiate the arc at the start of the weld. Once started the welder will drop the current to the preset current.

Arc Force – Similar to hot start, this function increases output current when the arc length becomes too short.  Arc force helps to prevent the electrode sticking to the work piece during welding.

Anti stick – The machine prevents short circuits.  If the electrode sticks to the workpiece for a prolonged period, the machine will switch off allowing easy removal of the electrode.

Click Here for a great guide to help you find the right Jasic ARC Welder