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Jasic ARC (MMA) Welders

Jasic is a fairly new brand to the Welding Industry bursting on to the scene in 2011 but that hasn't stopped becoming well known and respected throughout.

Jasic Customer Support is excellent and Premier Welding are proud to be an Approved Distributor of all Jasic Welders.

Jasic-Logo - Premier Welding & Tool Supplies Ltd

  1. Jasic

    Pro Arc 140 ARC Welder (240V)

    £216.30 £180.25
  2. Jasic

    Power Arc 180 SE ARC Welder | 230V

    £331.80 £276.50
  3. Jasic

    Pro Arc 160 PFC ARC Welder (110/230V)

    £388.08 £323.40
  4. Jasic

    Pro Arc 180 PFC ARC Welder (115v - 230v)

    £396.90 £330.75
  5. Jasic

    Power Arc 160 PFC ARC Welder | 115V-230V

    £401.52 £334.60
  6. Jasic

    Pro Arc 200 PFC ARC Welder (110v-240v)

    £419.16 £349.30
  7. Jasic

    Pro Arc 400 ARC Welder (400V)

    £1,874.46 £1,562.05