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Petrol & Diesel Welding Generators

Petrol & diesel welding generators provide power without having to rely on mains electricity. Using a petrol generator or diesel generator enables complete portability and flexible welding on the go. Whether you’re using a small open frame unit or a larger machine, both petrol and diesel generators are perfect for your welding projects.

At Premier Welding, our range of Mosa petrol & diesel generators vary in output and specifications but all are competitively priced. Our team of professional engineers are familiar with both petrol and diesel welding generators and can provide you with the best advice so you don’t have to second guess.

  1. MOSA

    Magicweld 150 - Petrol (150A)

    £2,847.60 £2,373.00
  2. MOSA

    Magicweld 200 - Petrol (200A)

    £3,612.00 £3,010.00
  3. MOSA

    TS 200 BS/EL - Petrol (170A)

    £4,141.20 £3,451.00
  4. MOSA

    Magicweld 200 YDE Electric Start - Diesel (200A)

    £5,350.80 £4,459.00
  5. MOSA

    TS 200 DES/CF - Diesel (190A)

    £5,367.60 £4,473.00
  6. MOSA

    CS 230 YSX CC/CV Eco - Diesel (210A)

    £7,878.00 £6,565.00