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Weld Cleaning Machines

Cougartron is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of world-class stainless steel surface treatment and passivation solutions.

Looking for a safe and fast alternative to pickling and grinding with abrasives?

Cougartron weld cleaners are designed for everyday workshop use and are extremely effective with removal of discoloration, heat tints, and oxides on stainless steel surfaces after TIG and MIG welding.

Cougartron weld cleaning machines are built to provide excellent results with cleaning, passivation and electropolishing – without dangerous grinding dust and hazardous fumes from the pickling paste.

  1. Cougartron

    ProPlus Etching Set with case

    £414.18 £345.15
  2. Cougartron

    InoxPower Weld Cleaning Machine (230V, 50Hz, 14V)

    £955.80 £796.50
    1 Review
  3. Cougartron

    InoxMuscle Weld Cleaner

    £2,340.00 £1,950.00
  4. Cougartron

    ProPlus Weld Cleaner Starter Kit (230V, 50Hz, 14V)

    £3,252.00 £2,710.00
    1 Review
  5. Cougartron

    InoxFURY Weld Cleaning Machine (230V 50Hz)

    £7,434.00 £6,195.00