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Abicor Binzel MIG Torches

ABICOR BINZEL MIG Welding Torches incorporate the high quality and technology needed for trouble-free performance whatever the welding job. All MIG torches have been thought through down to the last detail and guarantee exact and comfortable work.

Premier Welding is an Approved Service Centre for Abicor Binzel

  1. Binzel

    MB Evo 15 AK Ball Joint MIG Torch

    £52.02 £43.35
  2. Binzel

    MB Evo PRO 25 AK Ball Joint MIG Torch - Air Cooled

    £70.15 £58.46
  3. Binzel

    MB Evo PRO 36 MIG Torch

    £101.53 £84.61
  4. Binzel

    MB 501D Evo Pro MIG Torch

    £184.62 £153.85
  5. Binzel

    RAB 355 X 4MTR FUME TORCH 614.0092

    £528.00 £440.00

Binzel Welding Torches | MIG Welding Torches | Welding Torch

Binzel MIG torches are renowned in the industry for producing robust, high quality everyday MIG torches. Binzel MIG torches have kept their continued popularity due to their comfort and reliability and are priven to be the most popular MIG Torch on the market today.

The Binzel MB36 and MB25 are their most popular air collect Mig welding torches, The MB25 is ideal for light to medium tasks and the MB36 is used for medium to heavy tasks.

For water cooled the Binzel MB501 comes out top offering 450amps ideal for any welding apllication whether light or heavy.

All of their MIG torches have high endurance with optimum cooling and a time saving torch neck replacement plug system.

We supply all the associated Binzel Mig torch spares, Binzel welding tips, and Binzel parts  HERE