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Cleanspace Welding Masks

A specialist in innovative and quality respirator design and manufacturing.

Clean Space offers an outstanding revolutionary range of P3 respirators offering personal respiratory protection.

  1. CleanSpace2

    Power System Welding Mask

    £476.52 £397.10
  2. CleanSpace2

    Half Mask

    £72.06 £60.05
  3. CleanSpace2

    (large case) Pre Filters

    £30.78 £25.65
  4. CleanSpace2

    P3 Main Filters

    £57.00 £47.50
  5. CleanSpace2

    Large Case Filter Adaptor

    £41.16 £34.30
  6. CleanSpace2

    A1P3 Combined Filter

    £41.04 £34.20
  7. CleanSpace2

    A2P3 Combined Filter

    £50.16 £41.80
  8. CleanSpace2

    ABE1 P3 Combined Filter

    £49.02 £40.85
  9. CleanSpace2

    ABEK1 P3 Combined Filter

    £50.16 £41.80
  10. CleanSpace ULTRA

    Clean Space Ultra Power System Welding Mask

    £917.70 £764.75
  11. CleanSpace

    Clean Space EX Power System Welding Mask

    £1,083.00 £902.50
  12. CleanSpace

    Clean Space Pre filters

    £20.52 £17.10
  13. CleanSpace2

    CleanSpace Pre Filter & Coverall

    £30.78 £25.65
  14. CleanSpace2

    Hi Capacity (HI CAP) Particulate Filter

    £41.16 £34.30

CleanSpace | Full Face Dust Masks and Respirators | Half Masks

CleanSpace was established in 2009. A world class medical engineering team had a vision to create respiratory protection that is wearable and easy to use.

Respiratory protection is now more important that ever and these face masks are NIOSH Approved and delivery significant compliance and safety benefits over traditional masks. If your looking for Half and Full face dust masks and respirators then you have came to the right place!

These masks are excellent for many environments where you need protection against fumes and dusts.


Metal fabrication and welding

Chemical or biological material handling

Maintenance and cleaning

Food Processing and handling

High dust environments; mining and quarry

Stone, cement and concrete handling

These welding masks are lightweight and compact, last up to 8 hours and have no hoses, cables or mounted battery packs.

Choose between the Cleanspace 2 which comes in a half mask design or the CleanSpace Ultra which is a full mask design and water tolerant. Both are P2/P3 & TM3 Certified PAPR.

CleanSpace Respirators can be worn under most Welding Helmets hence making them perfect welding masks. 

Premier Welding carries all associated spares and parts for CleanSpace.