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Safety & PPE

Safety when welding has never been so important and Premier Welding have a large range of products to ensure your always safe when your welding. From Welding masks and helmets, welding curtains and welding blankets you will find everything you need for a safe welding environment.

HSE Announcement 

Air Fed Mask | Welding Mask | Welding Safety Equipment

Our safety and PPE section allows you to browse through our welding safety equipment and keep you safe while welding.

Welding helmets and Welding masks are now more important than ever. Our Air fed masks and helmets will protect you from the most harmful welding fumes and ensure ytou have protection throughout.

Our Most popular Horizon Air fed Masks have been designed to offer comfort, performance and reliability to all types of welders, their ADF lens offers the latest in ADF technology and true colour plus technology.

Cleanspace has taken the market by storm with their award winning powered P3 Respirator and welding mask,  its light with no hoses, bets or cables.

Our Eyeware protection range has a variety of specs from standard protection of impacts to anti scratch and fog and our welding gloves and welding riggers come in various specs depending on what you need 

Premier Welding has all your safety welding supplies needs covered