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Welding Wire Brushes

Keep your workstations clear of metal, paint, rust, primers, corrosion, and dust with high quality wire brushes. Wire brushes for welding are useful for keeping a welding workshop tidy and can be used in the abrasion process to prepare a surface before welding. 

See our range of welding wire brushes in a variety of wire lengths from everyday use to more specific welding processes. 

Browse our range of welding equipment or contact our professional engineers who have years of experience to guide you with ease and knowledge, ensuring you have all the right welding equipment to get the job done.

  1. SWP

    4 Row M/S Wire Brush

    £1.44 £1.20
  2. SWP

    4 Row M/S Wire Brush C/W Scraper 1093

    £3.00 £2.50
  3. SWP

    2 Row S/S Wire Brush 1090

    £3.43 £2.86
  4. SWP

    3 Row S/S Wire Brush 010726

    £3.62 £3.02