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Cros-Arc Mig Welders

Cros-Arc range of MIG welders are designed and manufactured by Weldfast at their UK manufacturing plant in Newcastle. They focus on impeccable build standards inspired by Italian manufacturing of welding equipment, resulting in a combination of power, performance and reliability.

Our Cros Arc MIG welders are sent on a free next day delivery and come with a 2-year warranty as standard covered by their UK service centre. Download specifications of all Cros-Arc welders.

  1. Cros-Arc

    171c Mig Welder (240V)

    £541.20 £451.00
  2. Cros-Arc

    201 Multi-Function MIG, TIG ARC Welder (230v)

    £810.00 £675.00
  3. Cros-Arc

    201c MIG/ARC Welder (230V - 200A)

    £849.60 £708.00
  4. Cros-Arc

    200 Multi-Function MIG, TIG ARC Welder (110v/230v)

    £936.00 £780.00
  5. Cros-Arc

    291c MIG/ARC Welder (230V - 250A)

    £999.60 £833.00
  6. Cros-Arc

    323c MIG/ARC Welder (415v)

    £1,436.40 £1,197.00
  7. Cros-Arc

    453s Water Cooled Mig Welder (415v)

    £2,820.00 £2,350.00