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Miller MIG Welders

Miller Mig Machines offer Excellence, Professionalism and Expertise a brand that is known world wide for creating Welders

For the last 40 years Premier Welding has been an Approved Seller and Miller Welders UK Service Centre. All Miller Mig Welders come with a 3 year warranty as standard.  

  1. Miller

    Migmatic 175 MIG Welder (240V)

    £778.80 £649.00
  2. Miller

    Migmatic 220DX Mig Welder (240V)

    £1,786.80 £1,489.00
  3. Miller

    Migmatic 300 Mig Welder (415V)

    £2,040.00 £1,700.00
  4. Miller

    MigMatic 260i Synergic MIG Welder | Compact | 415V

    £2,078.40 £1,732.00
  5. Miller

    Migmatic 380 Deluxe Mig Welder (415V)

    £2,656.33 £2,213.61
  6. Miller

    MigMatic 320i Synergic MIG Welder | Compact | 415V

    £2,970.37 £2,475.31
  7. Miller

    MigMatic S300iP Synergic MIG Welder | 415V

    £3,300.00 £2,750.00
  8. Miller

    MigMatic S400i Synergic MIG Welder | 415V

    £5,677.52 £4,731.27
  9. Miller

    MigMatic S500i Synergic MIG Welder | 415V

    £6,380.94 £5,317.45
  10. Miller

    XMT 350 Multi-Process Air Cooled MIG/ARC Welder (415V)

    £6,390.00 £5,325.00
  11. Miller

    MigMatic S400iP Synergic MIG Welder | 415V

    £7,125.24 £5,937.70
  12. Miller

    XMT 350 Multi-Process Water Cooled MIG/ARC Welder (415V)

    £7,350.00 £6,125.00

Miller Mig Welders

Miller Mig welders have a huge range to choose from, whether your tackling light manufacturing or Intense production welding Miller has you in mind.

Choose from their Millermigatic for single phase welding, these all-in-one welders are used worldwide in homes, workshops and small businesses. They are designed for ease-of-use and versatility with a simple straightforward voltage switch and wire feed speed control. 

Miller Welders have moved away from inverter technology, the Migmatic range uses stepped voltage technology

Premier welding has listed the different options of Miller Welders UK , this will allow you to choose a Miller MIG welder to suit your welding application needs:

MIGMATIC 175 Welds up to 5mm | 240 volt input

MIGMATIC 220 Welds up to 6mm | 240 volt input

MIGMATIC 300 Welds up to 8 mm | 415 volt input

MIGMATIC 380 Welds up to 12mm | 415 volt input