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Kemppi Welders & Accessories

Kemppi has stormed the Welding World with Leading MIG Welders & TIG Welders, they boast an impressive choice covering Ready-to-weld and demanding Industrial applications.

Premier Welding is a proud supplier of Kemppi and we are an Approved Kemppi UK Service Centre.

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Kemppi Welders

They are known as a pioneer of the Welding Industry with their Kemppi MinarcMig Welders boasting a precise weld quality in a portable compact size.

Kemppi Welders are built to last in even the most robust welding environments with quality and reliability in mind.

The popular Kemppi Minarc Evo 180 is a top performer for MMA welding, its potable and lightweight making it easy to use on all kinds of welding jobs in every setting.

For Mig welding the Kemppi Minarc Mig Evo 200 its simple set up allows you to chose the plate thickness and start welding, our Minarc Mig 200 reviews gives you peace of mind when your buying and we keep our prices very competitive.

Need a welder for TIG, have a look at our Tig range for a kemppi Welder, the Kemppi Minarctig range offers portability and accuracy making it convenient and enjoyable to use.

The MasterTIG Kemppi welder is designed for the professional welder offering a choice or power variants up to 400A, it features impact bridge protection and has cart options.