Kemppi Kempact RA 323R Welder
Kemppi Kempact RA 323R Welder

Kemppi Kempact RA 323R MIG Welder (415V - 320 Amps)

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Crafted with the utmost focus on user experience, the Kempact 323R is a pinnacle of modern welding technology. Perfectly suited for contemporary welding workshops, this machine boasts unparalleled quality and functionality. With its regular interface panel, it caters to a wide spectrum of needs in metal fabrication. Experience precise and efficient welds with remarkable user benefits.

The Kemppi Kempact 323R features a sleek LCD Control Panel at waist height, embodying a blend of style and functionality. Its robust build ensures unmatched accuracy and effectiveness, while incorporating new technology to reduce energy costs by over 10%.

Package Includes

  • Kempact RA 353R Regular Mig Welder [320amps @ 35%, 400V, 3PH]
  • Flexlite GX 305G 3.5mtr or 5mtr
  • Earth Lead

This Is Ideal For

  • Component Manufacturing
  • Thin Sheet Fabrication
  • Repair & Maintenance

What Does it Weld?

  • Carbon Steels
  • Most common stainless steels
  • Aluminium Alloys


  • Ultra-Precise Arc Ignition: Achieve flawless welds with precision-driven arc ignition, ensuring top-notch results every time.
  • Effortless Wire Loading: Illuminate your workspace with cabinet lighting, making wire loading a breeze even in low-light conditions.
  • Versatile Mig/Mag Capabilities: Seamlessly switch between Mig and Mag welding modes, offering versatility to tackle various projects with ease.
  • Crystal-Clear LCD Display: Immerse yourself in a world of clarity with a large, crystal-clear LCD display, providing unparalleled visibility of your welding parameters.
  • Organized Storage Solutions: Keep your workspace tidy and efficient with integrated storage trays, offering convenient access to consumables and parts.
  • Innovative HotSpot™ Heat Treatment: Experience superior weld quality and durability with the revolutionary HotSpot™ heat treatment function, ensuring optimal performance in every weld.
  • Precision Timing Controls: Fine-tune your welding process with spot and cycle arc timers, optimizing performance and efficiency for superior results.


2 Years (extendable to 3 years)
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