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Gas Diffusers

Built to last by trusted brands such as Kemppi and Binzel. This range of gas diffusers, insulating bush and insulating neck rings has been chosen for unparalleled quality, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

Gas diffusers are essential for distributing gas evenly around the inside of your gas nozzle. Secure a high quality finish to your weld by using our high quality products. And remember to ensure that your gas diffuser is replaced or cleaned regularly - it is essential for sustaining appropriate gas flow.  Shop our range of welding cleaning fluids. 

Unsure which gas diffuser is compatible with your welder? Contact our team of experts.

  1. Binzel

    Gas-Diffusers Mb36 Std. 014.0261

    £1.57 £1.31
  2. Binzel

    Gas Diffuser White Mb501 030.0145

    £1.57 £1.31
  3. Kemppi

    Neck Insulating Ring (Mt18-25/Pmt25) 9591079

    £1.86 £1.55
  4. Kemppi

    Insulating Bush (Mt15/18/25) 9591010

    £2.26 £1.88
  5. Kemppi

    Gas Diffuser Mwt30W 4294880

    £2.34 £1.95
  6. Kemppi

    Gas Diffuser Pmt42W W006146

    £3.82 £3.18