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Diesel Welding Generators

MOSA Welders have been supplying the UK for over 50 years and are market leaders in manufacturing reliable high performance Mosa Generators.

Premier Welding is a proud supplier of MOSA.

  1. MOSA

    TS 200 DES/CF - Diesel (190A)

    £4,956.00 £4,130.00
  2. MOSA

    Magicweld 200 YDE Electric Start - Diesel (200A)

    £5,166.00 £4,305.00
  3. MOSA

    CS 230 YSX CC/CV Eco - Diesel (210A)

    £7,140.00 £5,950.00

 Diesel Generators | Mosa Generators | Magic Weld

The MOSA Magic Weld which comes in either a Petrol Generator or a Diesel Generator, they suit on-site work where power is not readily accessible and are small and lightweight to pack away in the van. They are available on a next day delivery.