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GYS Welders & accessories

GYS is a family owned company, they are based in France and have a large UK base in Rugby.

Premier Welding is a proud supplier of GYS UK.

GYS Welders and GYS Plasma Cutters

GYS UK is a family owned company, they are based in France and also have a large UK base in Rugby. Their GYS Welding UK facility looks after all GYS UK warranties and technical after sales.

GYS have now become a worldwide manufacturer of welders, battery chargers and Car Body repair equipment. Their range of GYS UK Welders is one of the largest across the Brands. From Mig Welders, Tig Welders and Arc (MMA) welders they have such a vast range suiting every budget and welding application. They cover from the most advanced applications in the industry right down to general maintenance and repair. If your looking for GYS Welders Uk you have come to the right place!

All GYS Welders uk come with a 3 year warranty 

GYS has a huge range of MIG Welders, they are a popular choice as they cover all skill sets and budgets.

GYS MIG Welders have different levels suiting each level of experience and welding application. The affordable SMARTMIG and EASYMIG range suits home and workshop users, for heavy industry use they have the Neopulse range.

GYS TIG welders range from small DC welders up to the most advanced AC/DC TIG welding machines. Many of the GYS TIG Welders come with Power Factor Correction and multi voltage meaning they cope well with fluctuating voltage inputs. Ideal for the mobile welder!

GYS Arc welders / MMA Welders are a well built cost effective solution to Stick welding.

They are suitable for most budgets and cover all welding environments. Many Of their MMA welders come with an in-built system that allows generator use as an input power supply, this is particularly useful if your mobile welding.

GYS have extended their Plasma Cutting range covering all market segments. Offering single phase and three phase their range has the user in mind.

Thier entry level machines feature integrated air compressors making this ideal for mobile use.

They also have flexible voltage plasma cutters in their range coupled with PFC technology.  

They GYS plasma cutter range are built to last, they are robust and practical, lightweight and portable.