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Kemppi MIG and TIG Torches

Kemppi Welding Torches provide reliability withstanding extreme tempertures in demanding enviroments

Premier Welding is an Approved Kemppi UK Service centre 

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  1. Kemppi

    MMG 22 3M - Mig Torch for MinarcMig EVO

    £146.40 £122.00
  2. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 253G Air cooled 250Amp

    £162.00 £135.00
  3. Kemppi

    TTX163GVD94 - Scratch Start Tig Torch - 4 mtr

    £179.99 £149.99
  4. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 203G Air cooled 200Amp

    £229.19 £190.99
  5. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 303G Air cooled 300Amp

    £264.00 £220.00
  6. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 403G Air cooled 400Amp

    £304.79 £253.99
  7. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 503W Water cooled 500Amp

    £330.00 £275.00
  8. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 303W Water cooled 300Amp

    £345.59 £287.99
  9. Kemppi

    Flexlite GX K3 403W Water cooled 400Amp

    £367.20 £306.00

Kemppi MIG Torches | Kemppi TIG Torches | Kemppi Torches

Their MIG welding torches are designed with comfort in mind allowing you to focus on your overal welding productivity.

Their TIG Torches have an excellent technical performance with everyday comfort.