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Explore our extremely flexible, strong and insulated Welding Cables (AKA Electrode Cables), that are suitable for use in electric arc-welding machines. The Welding Cable is resistant to flame, abrasions and heat. 

Offering competitive prices, we cut the Welding Cable per metre to suit your requirements. Please order your required length in quantity Eg 2 = 2 metres. Contact our expert team for any support you may require when purchasing.

  1. SWP

    25mm Sq. Welding Cable 10242

    £5.95 £4.96
  2. SWP

    35mm Sq. Welding Cable 010243

    £7.73 £6.44
  3. SWP

    50mm Sq Welding Cable 010244

    £11.45 £9.54
  4. SWP

    70mm Sq. Welding Cable 010245

    £16.08 £13.40