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Welding Masks & Helmets

Welding masks are now so important and an integral part of your welding safety.

We have a range of Welding Masks, Welding Helmets and Air Fed solutions

Welding Masks | Air Fed welding Masks | Air-Fed Welding Helmets

Our welding masks offer you the best protection when it comes to welding fumes. Air-fed welding masks and Air-fed welding helmets are now regarded as one of the most important part of your welding safety protection.

Premier Welding has picked key brands to supply our customers with some of the very best Air-Fed Welding Masks. We have paired them together as a complete package ensuring you are covered immediately.

Our Most popular Horizon Air fed Masks have been designed to offer comfort, performance and reliability to all types of welders, their ADF lens offers the latest in ADF technology and true colour plus technology.

Cleanspace has taken the market by storm with their award winning powered P3 Respirator and welding mask,  its light with no hoses, bets or cables.

Premier Welding stock all spares for the Air Fed Helmets and Welding Masks we supply

Following on from the HSE Announcement Premier Welding would now advise you look at an Air Fed Mask to give you the adequite protection from Welding fumes.

However if you have ventilation in place that can pull all the fumes away from your welding site then a basic Welding Mask or welding Helmet will protect you from Ultra-Violet and Infa red radiation.

Our Basic welding Masks will suit all budgets, with or without ADF Lens, Flip up or Grinding, we have you covered.