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Welding helmets & welding masks

Protection from harmful UV rays and heat with superior quality welding helmets and masks from brands such as Jackson, Kemppi, Miller, and Jasic.

Within this range we stock a variety of products including, auto darkening welding goggles, grinding helmets, flip up helmets, welding visors and helmets with advanced filters and True Colour Technology.

Is your space already ventilated? If you have ventilation in place that can pull all the fumes away from your welding site then a basic Welding Mask or Welding Helmet will protect you from Ultra-Violet and Infra red radiation.

No ventilation? To comply with HSE Guidelines we advise you to look at an Air Fed Mask to give you adequate protection from Welding fumes.

If you’re looking for air fed welding masks and welding packages check out the range on offer.

  1. Premier Welding

    Weld Helmet 41/4"X31/4" 060208

    £9.60 £8.00
  2. Premier Welding

    Weld Helmet Flipup 41/4X2" 060214

    £11.28 £9.40
  3. Jackson

    J8049 Wh20 Aspire Ds Adf 9-13Ext.Adf L/W Welding Helmet

    £69.35 £57.79
  4. Kemppi

    Beta e90P Welding Helmet without ADF Lens 9873022

    £75.59 £62.99
  5. Horizon

    Automatic Helmet with 9-13 ADF

    £82.80 £69.00
  6. Jasic

    HD True Colour Welding/Grinding Helmet

    £134.40 £112.00
  7. Jackson

    J5035 Wh30 Albatross Weld/Visor Adf 4/9-13Int

    £226.80 £189.00
  8. Kemppi

    Beta e90X Welding Helmet with ADF lens

    £244.79 £203.99
  9. Jackson

    Rebel ADF Welding Mask

    £256.00 £213.33
  10. Miller

    Weld-Mask Auto Darkening Welding Goggles

    £310.80 £259.00