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Jasic Plasma Cutters

Jasic is known for their usability and reliability even as a welding brand that is fairly new to the welding industry. Jasic plasma cutters vary from smaller portable units to larger industrial cutters that can provide high-end industrial cutting with the latest IGBT technology.

Jasic plasma cutters provide variable cutting control for precise and smooth cuts. Talk to our team of professional engineers at Premier Welding for advice on the right plasma cutter for your projects.

  1. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 45 PFC Plasma Cutter (110/240V)

    £1,225.98 £1,021.65
  2. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 60 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £1,477.56 £1,231.30
  3. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 80 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £1,674.00 £1,395.00
  4. Jasic

    Pro Air 45 Plasma Cutter & Compressor (230V)

    £1,997.94 £1,664.95
  5. Jasic

    Pro Air 60 Plasma Cutter & Compressor (230V)

    £2,249.10 £1,874.25
  6. Jasic

    Pro Air 80 Plasma Cutter & Compressor (230V)

    £2,445.60 £2,038.00
  7. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 100 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £2,539.20 £2,116.00
  8. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 160 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £4,054.80 £3,379.00