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Kemppi TIG Welders

Kemppi was founded in 1949 and has stormed the Welding World with Leading TIG Welders, they boast an impressive choice covering Ready-to-weld and demanding Industrial applications.

They are known as a pioneer of the Welding Industry and their TIG Welders come with precise ignition and smooth, stable current flow as standard on all models. Choosing workshop or site conditions is easy with their remote control units.

All Kemppi Tig Welders come with a 3 year warranty

Premier Welding is a proud supplier of Kemppi and we are an Approved Kemppi Service Centre.


  1. Kemppi

    MinarcTig Evo 200 TIG Welder (240V)

    £1,572.00 £1,310.00
  2. Kemppi

    MinarcTig Evo 200 MLP Pulse Tig Welder (240V)

    £1,752.00 £1,460.00
  3. Kemppi

    MinarcTig 250 Tig Welder (415V)

    £2,228.52 £1,857.10
  4. Kemppi

    MinarcTig Evo 250 MLP Pulse Tig Welder (415V)

    £2,335.20 £1,946.00
  5. Kemppi

    MasterTig 235 AC/DC Air Cooled 110/240v (230Amp)

    £3,984.00 £3,320.00
  6. Kemppi

    MasterTig 325 DC Water Cooled 415v (230Amp)

    £4,356.00 £3,630.00
  7. Kemppi

    MasterTig 325 DC Air Cooled 415v (300 Amp)

    £4,678.80 £3,899.00
  8. Kemppi

    MasterTig 235 AC/DC Water Cooled 110/240v (230Amp)

    £5,298.00 £4,415.00
  9. Kemppi

    MasterTig 335 AC/DC Air Cooled 415v (300Amp)

    £6,990.00 £5,825.00
  10. Kemppi

    MasterTig 335 AC/DC Water Cooled 415v (300Amp)

    £8,085.60 £6,738.00