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Kemppi MasterTig 235 AC/DC Air Cooled 110/240v (230Amp)

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Kemppi MasterTig 235 AC/DC Air Cooled 110/240v (230Amp)

Kemppi MasterTig 235 AC/DC Air Cooled 110/240v (230Amp)

Payment Options £5,242.80

Product Video

Product Video



Far from the Ordinary

Kemppi presents the master of AC and DC Tig welding in the new MasterTig models which does indeed set new standards in weld quality, usability and power efficiency. These latest MasterTig models were designed to fit the welder’s specifications and needs with choices of control panels, remote controls and transports. The MasterTig’s has the capacity and structure to withstand the hardest knocks and impacts of everyday welding life thanks to its stylish, practical and robust design. This package comes equipped with the appropriate control panel in order to achieve the machine’s full capacity. In this case, the machine is supported with an AC/DC membrane control panel

Package Includes

  • MasterTig 235 AC/DC
  • 7" TFT AC/DC Control Panel
  • Flexlite TX K5 225G 4mtr 7pin Tig Torch
  • 35mm 5mtr Earth Cable
  • Gas Hose

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Double Pulse

Double Pulse combines alternative pulse cycles to provide 30% faster welding speed and 20% less heat input. Helping to lower distortion and weld costs. Idea for DC hand welding and offers superb weld seam appearance

Optima AC

A customised AC TIG waveform that combines the best of the traditional sine and square waveforms - and adds a touch of magic for the optimal AC welding experience. Depending on the application you are free to choose either sine,square, or Optima AC, the quiet option.


MicroTack offers fast and accurate tacking with minimum heat input in both DC and AC TIG welding. Making it ideal for multiple, repetitive tacking on thin sheet applications, where consistency and appearance is vital. MicroTack can be set between 1 to 5 repeat pulse cycles or continuous cycle mode. The welding current level is set independently and the arc cycle time selected between 1 to 200ms.


iTEC is engineered ignition technology for reliable arc starts. Particularly useful with long torch extensions for site welding or precise thin materials and low current applications, you can set the variable spark force energy.

Auto Pulse

Easy and convenient, the only value to adjust is the welding current itself. Auto Pulse is ideal for DC current applications

7" TFT Control Panel

Protected by a 3mm armour shield plate, the 7" TFT control panel is both impact and scratch resistant, allows fast and accurate parameter setting with WeldAssist, and offers 99 memory channels per process to save the best parameters or WPS values

Key benefits

- Weld assist can set the right parameters and settings to fit the welders needs in order to complete an easy and productive welding application, making the MasterTig a lot faster set up than previous models

- Noise levels have been reduced for the MasterTig models for welders to concentrate quietly on the quality of their welds.

Superb user experience

- Structure was constructed from durable, energy absorbing recyclable plastics, incorporating a slick impact bridge body

- UI control panels were designed to allow easy, fast and accurate parameter settings. Panels are also impact and scratch resistant

- No longer the need to replace cables due to repairs thanks to Bluetooth incorporated wireless remotes. Makes your welding easy and stress free

Enhanced welding

- Experience fast and accurate welding thanks to MicroTack. A revolutionised feature designed for multiple and repetitive tacking on thin sheet applications

- The iTec features is an engineered ignition technology tool designed for a reliable arc start that is useful for large torch extensions

- A weld time clock features enable workers to establish weld cycle measurements and job data records

All new MasterTig machines apply to IEC 60974-1,-3,-10 and IEC 61000-3-12

Technical Specification

Technical Specification