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Plasma Cutting Torches

Cut complex shapes accurately, with our range of plasma torches. The high quality torches offer minimal dross and give a great finish to your work.

We have a large selection available with differing lengths of lead from 4.5ft to 15ft. Supplied from trusted brands such as Hypertherm.

If you need any support finding the right plasma cutting torch, contact our team of welding specialists, on hand, to give you expert advice.

  1. Hypertherm

    Torch T30V Hand C/W 4.5M Lead 088001

    £359.64 £299.70
  2. Hypertherm

    Duramax HRT Hand Torch Assembly with 7.6M' Leads 228788

    £610.20 £508.50
  3. Hypertherm

    Torch, H65/85/105 75Deg. Hand C/W 7.5M Lead 059473

    £631.80 £526.50
  4. Hypertherm

    Torch, T45V Hand C/W 6M. Lead 088008

    £637.20 £531.00
  5. Hypertherm

    Torch, T45V Hand C/W 50Ft.Lead 088009

    £804.60 £670.50
  6. Hypertherm

    Torch, T45M Machine C/W 6M Lead 088010

    £901.80 £751.50
  7. Hypertherm

    Duramax MRT MachineTorch Assembly with 7.6M' Leads 228790

    £950.40 £792.00