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ARC Welders & ARC Welding

Premier Welding has all your ARC welding supplies needs covered, from ARC welders to consumables, ARC welding machines and Torch conumables. We stock some of the top brands you would expect of a welding supplier.

If you need any help or have any questions dont hesitate to call us and speak to our knowledgeable experts.

ARC Welding | Arc Welder | MMA Welding

ARC welding is a method of welding known as MMA welding (Manual Metal arc) or sometimes ARC Welders are referred to as Stick Welding, no matter what you call it rest assured we have you covered when looking for your perfect ARC Welder.

Our ARC Welders will suit you whether your a DIY enthusiast or working on a professional job.

ARC Welders are perfect for onsite repairs in outdoor environments due to being able to weld without gas, many stick welders are lightweight and small so easily portable.

We stock some of the best brands in ARC welders from Kemppi ARC Welders to Jasic ARC Welders, Miller ARC Welders to GYS ARC Welders we know you will find and ARC welder to suit you

Premier Welding are welding equipment suppliers for all your ARC Welding supplies needs. 

Have a look at our Top 10 Tips For Buying A Welder

The Kemppi Minarc Evo 180 ARC welder is the latest Model top the Kemppi ARC Welder family, due to its power and outstanding welding performance its a popular choice for welders on the move.

But lets not also forget the Jasic Pro ARC 180 ARC Welder, durable and compact with an outstanding 5 year warranty this ARC welder offers the welder excellent energy saving benefits with a reliable consistent arc.