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Jasic Plasma Cutters

Jasic is a fairly new brand to the Welding Industry bursting on to the scene in 2011 but that hasn't stopped becoming well known and respected throughout.

Jasic Customer Support is excellent and Premier Welding are proud to be an Approved Distributor of all Jasic Plasma Cutters.

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  1. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 45 PFC Plasma Cutter (110/240V)

    £1,167.60 £973.00
  2. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 60 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £1,407.00 £1,172.50
  3. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 80 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £1,594.80 £1,329.00
  4. Jasic

    Pro Air 45 Plasma Cutter & Compressor (230V)

    £1,941.43 £1,617.86
  5. Jasic

    Pro Air 60 Plasma Cutter & Compressor (230V)

    £2,185.72 £1,821.43
  6. Jasic

    Pro Air 80 Plasma Cutter & Compressor (230V)

    £2,376.00 £1,980.00
  7. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 100 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £2,419.20 £2,016.00
  8. Jasic

    Pro Air Cut 160 Plasma Cutter (400V)

    £3,862.80 £3,219.00

Jasic Plasma Cutters | Jasic Plasma Cutting | Plasma Cutters

If your looking for a Plasma Cutter, the Jasic Plasma cutter range range offers you an affordable cutting process. The PRO AIR may be low cost but guarantees you a high speed precision cut. Ranging from single phase to three phase and cutting up to 50mm all of Jasics plasma cutters come with a 5 year warranty.

Some of their many key features include power factor correction, digital meter, generator friendly and all are equipped with IGBT Inverters

The Jasic Cut 45 is equipped with Pulse Width Modulation technology and is the perfect solution for cutting low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. This user friendly wide voltage plasma cutter offers fast and precise cutting up to 15mm and 20mm where severance cut is required.

For a professional high end plasma cutter the Pro Cut 60 is equipped with the latest IGBT technology and is extremely user friendly. Clean cut of 20mm and severance cut of 25mm.

Jasic Plasma cutters offer a low cost alternative without compromising on high speed precision cuts. 

Our Jasic welder review section will further cement your decision that this brand is a top contender.