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Socket Wrenches

Socket wrenches also known as ratchet wrenches are used to loosen or turn a nut or bolt without repositioning the tool on the fastener like you would with a standard wrench. This can make the work quicker and easier to manage.

Speak to our team to find the correct socket wrench for your job and needs.

  1. Standard Power

    1/2" Short Ratchet Wrench 160 Rpm

    £54.60 £45.50
  2. Standard Power

    3/8" Mini Ratchet Wrench 240 Rpm

    £73.08 £60.90
  3. Standard Power

    1/2" HD Mini Ratchet Wrench 150 Rpm

    £135.24 £112.70
  4. Standard Power

    3/8" HD Mini Ratchet Wrench 250 Rpm

    £153.60 £128.00