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Percussion Tools

Percussion tools like needle scalers, flux chippers and chipping hammers are designed to strike blows repeatedly to chip, scrape or scribe on metal. 

Pneumatic percussion tools provide high power to make the most intricate details on projects easier and more manageable. See our range of percussion tools and speak to our dedicated team of professional engineers to guide you through and ensure you have the correct tools for your project.

  1. Standard Power

    Medium Hammer Round Shank 3,200 Blows (p/min)

    £39.60 £33.00
  2. Standard Power

    Medium Hammer Kit Round 3,200 Blows (p/min)

    £63.00 £52.50
  3. Standard Power

    Flux Chipper 4,800 Blows (p/min)

    £126.84 £105.70
  4. Standard Power

    Needle Scaler Straight c/w 19 Needles 4,600 Blows

    £135.24 £112.70
  5. Standard Power

    Single Head Scaler 7,000 Blows (p/min)

    £157.20 £131.00
  6. Standard Power

    Straight Needle Scaler c/w 19 Needles 3,700 Blows

    £193.20 £161.00
  7. Standard Power

    Needle Scaler Pistol Grip c/w 19 Needles 3,700

    £199.08 £165.90
  8. Standard Power

    HD Needle Scaler Pistol Grip c/w 35 Needles 2,500

    £346.37 £288.64