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Cros-Arc Tig Welders

Cros Arc designs and assembles their TIG Welders in their UK manufacturing plant. They focus on immpecable build standards resulting in a combination of Power, Performance and reliability.

Our Cros Arc TIG welders are sent on a Free next day delivery and comes with a 2 year warranty as standard covered by their UK service centre.

  1. Cros-Arc

    Cros Arc 200 DC-HF Pulse Tig Welder (110v/230v)

    £739.20 £616.00
  2. Cros-Arc

    201 Multi-Function MIG, TIG ARC Welder (230v)

    £810.00 £675.00
  3. Cros-Arc

    200 Multi-Function MIG, TIG ARC Welder (110v/230v)

    £936.00 £780.00
  4. Cros-Arc

    Cros Arc 200S AC/DC Tig Welder (230v)

    £1,020.00 £850.00