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Hypertherm Hyamp Torch Parts

Browse a variety of plasma torch parts and plasma cutting consumables for Hypertherm plasma cutters from nozzles to caps and swirl rings. Hypertherm manufactures advanced laser and plasma cutting products and has been at the forefront of plasma cutting for the last fifty years.

Talk to our team of professionals to find the correct plasma torches and plasma cutting consumables for your needs, whether industrial or smaller scale projects. 

  1. Hypertherm

    Electrode Duramax Hyamp Ht125 220971

    £12.48 £10.40
  2. Hypertherm

    Nozzle Duramax Hyamp Ht125 220975

    £12.48 £10.40
  3. Hypertherm

    Swirl Ring Duramax Hyamp Ht125 220997

    £26.88 £22.40
  4. Hypertherm

    Retaining Cap Duramax Hyamp Ht125 220977

    £46.80 £39.00