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Welding tape

In need of some high quality welding tape for your project? View our range of strong welding tape including the fiberglass weld backing tape , an innovative replacement for traditional back purging, and gives a high quality finish. 

If you’re looking to seal root gaps whilst purging or seal pipe ends for transporting, be sure to take a look at our high quality aluminium foil tape. Our heat resistant tapes can withstand temperatures up to 550°c. 

Need some advice on which welding tape is right for your needs? Our team of welding experts is here to help. Give us a call or drop us an email - we are here to help you find the right welding supplies for your needs.

  1. Aquasol

    EZ Tape® Fully Coated Aluminum Tape

    £26.72 £22.27
  2. Aquasol

    EZ Zone® Tape Adhesive Free Centre Aluminium Tape

    £59.45 £49.54
  3. Aquasol

    Fiback® Weld Backing Tape 600AMP with Fiberglass Center

    £89.24 £74.37
  4. Aquasol

    Fiback® Weld Backing Tape 200 AMP with Fiberglass Center

    £114.14 £95.12