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Welding regulators

Whether you’re looking for an oxygen regulator, argon regulator or a propane regulator, we stock a wide range of high quality fully tested,  welding regulators from suppliers such as Hi-Lo and Specialised Welding Products. 

The range we supply includes regulators with different pressure settings ranging from 0-10 Bar to suit a wide variety of applications for both professional welders and hobbyists alike. We also stock welding regulators with side entry, base entry and plugged regulators. 

For more information on the right product for your needs, please contact our helpful team of welding engineers. 

If you’re looking for more gas safety equipment, check out our wide range.

  1. Hi-LO

    Hi-Lo Plugged Oxygen Regulator 0-10Bar 050012

    £25.56 £21.30
  2. Hi-LO

    Plugged Acetylene Regulator 1.5Bar 22.5Psi Futreg1Sace-Pl

    £25.56 £21.30
  3. Hi-LO

    Hi-Lo Plugged Propane Regulator 0-4Bar 050013

    £25.56 £21.30
  4. Hi-LO

    Hi-Lo Ss/2G Oxygen Regulator 0-10Bar 050009

    £27.42 £22.85
  5. Hi-LO

    Hi-Lo Ss/2G Acetylene Regulator 1.5Bar 050010

    £31.20 £26.00
  6. Hi-LO

    Hi-Lo Ss/2G Argon Regulator 050011

    £32.40 £27.00
  7. SWP

    Ss/2G Argon/C02 Regulator Side-Entry 2142

    £34.98 £29.15