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Flap Discs

Finish your weld to a high standard with flap discs.

Ideal for use on metal, wood and paint, our flap discs are perfect for deburring and blending welds as well as aggressive sanding on hard to reach areas. 

Produced with high quality materials such an aluminium oxide grain and layered with abrasive cloth backing, our flap discs will leave you with a great finished look to your weld. 

We offer a range of sizes to suit your needs including 40 grit, 60 grit and 80 grit. Our flap discs come in packs of 5 to ensure you get brilliant value for money. 

If you're looking for grinding discs, take a look at our range on offer or contact our team of welding experts for advice on the best welding tools and accessories for the job.

  1. Flexovit

    Flap Disc 41/2" 40Grit Speedoflex 63642517997 PKT 5

    £12.60 £10.50
  2. Flexovit

    Flap Disc 41/2" 60Grit Speedoflex 63642517998 PKT 5

    £12.60 £10.50
  3. Flexovit

    Flap Disc 41/2" 80Grit Speedoflex 63642517999 PKT 5

    £12.60 £10.50