Renegade Et 300i Pulse DC Tig Welder
Renegade Et 300i Pulse DC Tig Welder Renegade Et 300i Pulse DC Tig Welder Renegade ET 300iP - Review of DC TIG Pulsing Controls

ESAB Renegade Et 300i Pulse DC Tig Welder | 240, 415v

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ESAB Renegade Et 300i Pulse DC Tig Welder | 240, 415v



At Premier Welding we aim to offer amazing value for top quality products. We have put together a selection of machine’s and accessories in "ready to weld" packages to suit all needs and budgets.

Package Includes

ESAB Renegade 300IP DC TIG Welder: Your high-performance, inverter-based welding solution for precision TIG and MMA/Stick welding.

3m Mains Cable and Plug: Ensures easy and convenient power connection for immediate use.

5m Return Cable and Clamp: Provides a stable and secure grounding connection, essential for high-quality welding.

2m Gas Hose with Clips: Facilitates a reliable gas supply connection, crucial for TIG welding operations.


Introducing the ESAB Renegade 300IP DC TIG Welder: Precision Meets Portability

Discover the pinnacle of welding innovation with the ESAB Renegade 300I DC TIG Welder. Engineered for professionals who demand excellence, this inverter-based High Frequency (HF) TIG and MMA/Stick welder combines an extraordinary power-to-weight ratio with unmatched portability. Designed for both on-site and off-site applications, its compact size belies its powerful capabilities and high duty cycle.

Key Features of the ESAB Renegade 300IP DC TIG Welder:

Outstanding Power in a Compact Design: Experience the perfect balance of power and portability with a design that's easy to transport to any job site, all within a rugged composite casing built to withstand the toughest environments.

Versatile Voltage Compatibility: With an automatic input voltage sensor, the Renegade 300I operates seamlessly across a wide voltage range from 208V to 528V in 3-phase and 230V in single phase, ensuring consistent performance under varying power supplies.

Extended Range Operation: Designed to function optimally with long mains and welding cables up to 100 meters, offering the widest input voltage tolerance for flexibility in single and three-phase operations.

User-Friendly Control Panel: Features an easy-to-read panel that simplifies settings adjustments, minimizing downtime and enhancing welding accuracy.

Dual-Current Mode Trigger: A revolutionary feature allowing welders to switch between two output current levels, managing the heat input and weld pool size with precision. The background current adjusts as a percentage of the weld current for optimal control.

Adaptable for Various Applications: Available in both non-pulsed and pulsed versions to cater to a broad range of welding needs, from heavy-duty jobs to delicate thin sheet metal work.

Modular Convenience: Offers tool-less connections to a water cooler and trolley, making setup quick and effortless.

Built for Extreme Conditions: Withstands ambient temperatures up to +55°C, making the Renegade 300I suitable for the most demanding conditions and environments.

Versatile Applications Across Industries with the ESAB Renegade 300IP DC TIG Welder

Crafted for professionals across the spectrum, the ESAB Renegade 300I DC TIG Welder excels in a variety of settings, proving itself as the go-to equipment for precision, durability, and efficiency. Its robust design and advanced features make it ideal for a wide range of industries:

Ship and Offshore Yards: Delivers the reliability and power needed for the demanding conditions of marine construction and repair.

Civil Construction: Offers the versatility and strength required for structural work, ensuring high-quality welds in construction projects.

Pipe Construction: Provides precise control for pipe welding, crucial for both infrastructure and industrial applications.

Repair and Maintenance: Ensures quick, efficient, and durable repairs, reducing downtime in critical operations.

Heavy Fabrication: Meets the needs of heavy equipment manufacturing with its robust performance and high duty cycle.

Industrial and General Fabrication: Adapts seamlessly to a range of fabrication tasks, from light to heavy-duty, with unmatched precision.

Mining: Built to withstand the harsh environments of mining operations while delivering consistent, high-quality welds.

Steel Erectors: Facilitates the fast-paced and precise welding needed for steel construction and assembly.

The ESAB Renegade 300I DC TIG Welder redefines what's possible in welding technology, offering a superior solution for professionals seeking the ultimate in precision, power, and portability. Whether in the workshop or on the field, the Renegade 300I stands ready to tackle the most challenging welding tasks with ease and efficiency.



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