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Hypertherm Plasma Torches

Hypertherm plasma torches are manufactured to high standards to enhance cut quality, extend plasma cutting consumable life and increase productivity. Hypertherm plasma torches provide low operating costs with no compromise on durability and reliability. 

Hypertherm Duramax plasma torches include plasma torches for handheld, mechanised, gouging and robotic cutting. At Premier Welding, we’re on hand to ensure that you choose the correct plasma torch for compatibility with the correct Hypertherm plasma cutter.

  1. Hypertherm

    Torch T30V Hand C/W 4.5M Lead 088001

    £359.64 £299.70
  2. Hypertherm

    Duramax HRT Hand Torch Assembly with 7.6M' Leads 228788

    £610.20 £508.50
  3. Hypertherm

    Torch, H65/85/105 75Deg. Hand C/W 7.5M Lead 059473

    £631.80 £526.50
  4. Hypertherm

    Torch, T45V Hand C/W 6M. Lead 088008

    £637.20 £531.00
  5. Hypertherm

    Torch, T45V Hand C/W 50Ft.Lead 088009

    £804.60 £670.50
  6. Hypertherm

    Torch, M105M Machine C/W 7.5M Lead 059477

    £831.60 £693.00
  7. Hypertherm

    Torch, T45M Machine C/W 6M Lead 088010

    £901.80 £751.50
  8. Hypertherm

    Duramax MRT MachineTorch Assembly with 7.6M' Leads 228790

    £950.40 £792.00