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MOSA CS 230 YSX CC/CV Eco - Diesel (210A)

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MOSA CS 230 YSX CC/CV Eco - Diesel (210A)

MOSA CS 230 YSX CC/CV Eco - Diesel (210A)

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Diesel Engine driven welder - YANMAR L 100 N Engine -  Three-phase asyncronous alternator Three-phase generation 6 kVA - Single-phase generation 5 kVA - Max welding current: 210A

The engine-driven welder CS 230 YSX CC/CV is a Constant Current/Constant Voltage professional machine with electronic control of the welding current capable of delivering up to 210 A with a duty cycle of 60%.

Incorporating Chopper System (high frequency 30 kHz), which allows for a more stable arc when welding and superior finished weld quality. 
Equipped with a Yanmar L 100 N engine and an asynchronous alternator, it can be used simultaneously as a welder or as a three-phase and single-phase electrical generator up to 6 kVA.

It is also possible to select welding output in CC or CV mode:
In CC (constant current) mode, you can choose between a characteristic with adjustable arc force, suitable for electrode welding and TIG welding (scratch start). 
The CV (constant voltage) mode is suitable for WIRE WELDING (solid or flux-cored) using the optional Mosa Wire Feed Unit WF4. 

The CS 230 YSX CC/CV is able to weld any kind of electrode (rutile, basic, cellulose) up to 4 mm and takes full advantage of the engine's power output thanks to a technology developed by MOSA known as "Power Optimizer".

Also available is an optional remote welding control allowing welding current adjustment up to 20 metres from the welder. This is a super silent engine-driven welder with compact canopy design specifically designed to minimize sound emissions.

Suitable for a wide range of uses including mobile welding, site fabrication, maintenance and pipe welding.

Key Features

• Arc welding source in D.C. welding

• SMAW: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick)

• GTAW: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)

• GMAW: Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)

• High frequency welding current and voltage control

• A.C. generator, single-phase 230V/110V

• Aux power also available while welding

• MOSA power optimiser (patent pending)

• Auto idle control

• Super silenced

• Large tank (23 litres) - 23 Hours

• Meets EC directives for noise and safety


  • Current range, continuous: 20 ÷ 210A
  • Duty cycle: 210A 60% - 180A 100%
  • Open circuit voltage: 65 V
  • Arc welding source in D.C. welding
  • SMAW: Shielder Metal Arc Welding (Stick)
  • GTAW: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
  • High frequency control of welding current and voltage
  • A.C. generator, single-phase and three-phase
  • Aux power also available while welding


  • Power Optimizer (patent pending)
  • Dry weight: 230 kg
  • Dimensions: 1020x645x930 mm
  • Measured acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 91 dB(A)(66 dB(A) @ 7m)
  • Guaranteed acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 92 dB(A)(67 dB(A) @ 7m)


  • Auxiliary output 230I-110I-CTE : 1x230 16A 2P+T CEE - 1x110 32A 2P+T CEE - 1x110V 16A 2P+T CEE

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

MPN 35.37298CVE
SKU 35.37298CVE