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Parker TIG Torch

Parker TIG Welding Torches incorporate the high quality and technology needed for trouble-free performance whatever the welding job.

All TIG torches have been thought through down to the last detail and guarantee exact and comfortable work.

  1. Binzel

    Parker WP17 Duragrip Ergo Tig Torch - DGT 17 Air Cooled

    £68.88 £57.40
  2. Parker

    WP26F Duragrip Ergo Tig Torch - DGT 26F Air Cooled

    £77.28 £64.40
  3. Binzel

    Parker WP18F Duragrip Ergo Tig Torch - DGT 18F Water Cooled

    £93.78 £78.15
  4. Parker

    WP20 Duragrip Ergo Tig Torch - DGT 20 Water Cooled

    £109.86 £91.55

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Parker has a clear brand vision, a focused strategy of product innovation and a willingness to forge new paths to excellence, Parker Torchology is a fresh approach to Welding and Cutting torch Technology.